Handy Guide to the Wagyu Grading System

Wagyu grading differs a little depending on the country and the overseeing organization. But, the qualities that the organizations seek in this type of beef is much the same, even though they grade a bit differently. Wagyu steak compromises to be of exceptional quality, appearance, and flavor, so the grades of Wagyu are taken seriously within each system. Our mission is to produce the finest American Wagyu beef by combining old world ranching ethics with sustainable and holistic practices, taking pride in being good stewards of the land, and caring for our Wagyu herd humanely from birth to harvest; while striving to be exemplary partners accountable to every one of our customers, every time.


20-35% marbling

60-70% per harverst

Australian - BMS 7 above

US - BMS 7-10

Japan - A3


36-43% marbling

15-20% harvest

Australian - BMS 9 and above

US - 10 and above

Japan - A4


43% or more marbling

3-15% per harvest

Australian - BMS 9 is highest in the US since export rest to Japan

US - BMS 11 and above

Japan - (American Wagyu muscle structure is shaped like Domestic beef and have a beefler less oily/butter basis than Wagyu from Japan)

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